Architectural Consulting Services


Pre-Development, Project Visioning, Program Planning & Consulting


The service provides clients with answers and information regarding a myriad of issues for proposed projects.  The services may combine several areas of expertise to provide a comprehensive review of the scope of an undefined project to ensure that the project is successfully planned to meet the client’s needs.


  • Is the project viable to pursue?  
  • What is the overall project vision?
  • What are the primary objectives and goals of the project?
  • What are the parameters, constraints, and guidelines of the project?
  • What is the preliminary building program, size and project budget?
  • What are the necessary components of the design & technical team?

Interior Architecture


This service provides programming, space planning and interior design solutions for existing or newly constructed facilities.  Architects work collaboratively with the Interior Design team to rebrand, renovate, revitalize, and transformation of interior spaces in response to client objectives. 



Master Planning Team Support


The service involves participating with the master planning team, providing planning insight, and technical input as a value-add component of the design team.   Planning experts help establish long range goals and comprehensive plans for large scale projects.  Planning services may include the following:


  • Identify project needs and goals.
  • Analyze existing and proposed sites.
  • Evaluate existing facilities.
  • Estimate project time lines.
  • Provide Preliminary project cost estimates.
  • Determine phases for development.