Hannah & Associates, Inc. Services


Advancing Technology:


Hannah & Associates, Inc. is the preferred architecturally based 3D scanning & modeling team in the industry.  Our high definition surveys offer value-add benefits for clients that demand optimal information and lean performance.  Project initiation time is reduced with precision documentation of existing conditions, and faster project turn-around is achieved with virtual 3D design opportunities.  The bottom line is an overall reduction in project time and cost.


Hannah & Associates, Inc. laser scanning to 3D modeling services are a nature fit for A/E/C (Architectural, Engineering & Construction) projects.  Building features and engineering systems are typically vertical and often directly overhead, which provide line-of-sight and an angle of incidence for the scanning beam.  3D laser scanners capture surfaces and points that are otherwise difficult to reach or unsafe to walk on.  


In addition, many building projects feature complex geometry which is well-suited for high-definition surveys which utilize state-of-the-art laser technology to produce detailed dimensional images of complex environments and geometries with millimeter-accuracy at short or long ranges. 


The scanning process is precise, fast, and creates a virtual copy of reality at blazing speeds.  The as-built documentation of existing conditions provides accurate site and building information.  Point data is then drafted into Autodesk Revit BIM, or interoperable systems, providing layered and field verified backgrounds and data for real-time space animations.


The process is proven to accelerate project initiation by streamlining the delivery of existing as-builts to the design team.  Cost reductions are realized throughout the project as accurate real-time data is available to the architectural, engineering, construction and owner’s team from the very beginning of the project and throughout construction.